This site is intended to be a place where both students and other teachers can come to find information and resources to help them in their work.

I have been a teacher for five years, in various schools around Alberta. While developing courses, one of my frustrations was the inability to find resources from Canada. This is my resolve to change that for other teachers in the same position.

I believe that educational resources should be, and need to be shared, in order to provide the best learning environment possible. The more teachers share and collaborate on their lessons, the better off we will all be, as the chaff will get discarded. On that note, please feel free to use any of my ideas in your classrooms. All that I ask, is that if you see something that could be better, please let me know, so that I may improve my teaching as well.

My lessons are designed with technology in mind. Education is in flux right now, and the way I was taught to teach is already obsolete (and that was less than 10 years ago!). We must find new ways to present information that will cause students to think critically about the information presented. This means leaving many of our old strategies behind. What use is teaching students to memorize information, when they can google or wikipedia for it anywhere they want?

One way I perceive education changing, is in how content is delivered. I have designed my lessons to be¬†accessible¬†by students. Students could come to this website the day before, or access it on their phones in order to get the content about that day’s lesson. Class time, instead of focusing on content, would be spent working on problems, projects, and getting questions answered by the teacher. That way, an environment of inquiry and critical thinking could be fostered. The lessons are broken down into background information, which could be delivered as notes, or as stated above, accessed by students prior to the lesson. The activities and questions would be dealt with in class, with any supplementary information the teacher wishes to provide.


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